Recording MIDI SYSEX on Cubasis 3

Need to…having zero success. Can it be done, and if so, what am I missing??? NOTE: sending from an external source via MIDI port. (Roland MC-500…stop giggling)

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So far (3.2.1) no sysex in Cubasis.
You could convert sysex to CC, using something like AUM and Mozaic (both support sysex) and send them to CB3.
That’s what I’m doing, but it’s just simple things and very short messages, from/to my Keyboard (turn on “lights”, getting Octave transposition, …).

I didn’t understand most of that. Yes - it is literally an “ENTER” message. Can you explain that process in layman’s terms…?

The trick is to route to another app(aum) and use a midi processor app(mozaic), convert the sysex to standard midi events, record these, and the other way on playback. But it’s not an easy task, requires also some scripting.

Anyway why do you need sysex for ?

Multitracker is running audio and MIDI. The MIDI info is sent to 2 lighting consoles (Note #'s) and a Yamaha O1v mixer. Most of the functions on the mixer are controlled w/ CC, but calling up a specific effects patch requires SysEx. On my old Roland MC500 MK II Sequencer, all I need to do is set the mixer to the specific effects patch and hit “ENTER” while in RECORD mode. That command registers as “EX.” If you go into edit mode, it is displayed as: 001: F0 43 14 3E 04 02 03 35 01 F7. (Hexadecimals) The 9th value (in this particular example, 35) correlates to the individual FX patch - in this case, Effects 2: Preset 54. If there’s another way to do it, I’m all ears. I have 3 options: 1) Make this happen 2) Find a new app that covers all basses, or 3) purchase a new audio mixer that is more conducive to app-control.

If it’s only for short sysex commands like that, AUM (about 20u$)+ Mozaic(about 10u$) would be an easy route.
It’s just one extra app between your hardware and Cubasis.
Not sure there is a better option on iPad, you would have more choices on a laptop.
For setting up the routing and the script I can do it for you, it’s really simple.

Now I’m not sure I got you right, do you want to replace Multitracker with Cubasis ?
Because this trick would probably work with Multitracker too.
Note that Cubasis is not really suited for live performance, there are no playlist, and currently there is no way to control it with external Midi.

Edit: I think I got it, you want to use cubasis to create a midi file that is then loaded into Multitracker, got it? That should work too.

And the links to the needed apps:

I’m using Cubasis as a recording platform, then “sharing” tracks w/ Multitracker for performance purposes. So everything starts on Cubasis and ends up on Multitracker.

If you feel this would work, I’d be more than heppy to try it!! I would also apprecaiate ANY and ALL help you’d be willing to lend!! Where do I start?!?

First get AUM and Mozaic from the App Store, in the meantime I will post a new topic on Audiobus tip and tricks forum audiobus, as it is the place to go for everything music app related for iOS/iPadOS. It’s also not only Cubasis related, so it could help other people.
I will mention you in the post @rocknpilot , btw normally my user name is mbncp, for some reason I couldn’t use it here :upside_down_face:

OK! Just confirming that the apps are “Mozaic Plugin Workshop” ($7.99) and “AUM - Audio Mixer” ($11.99) ? They are both highly-rated! Will you be alerting me to your post on the Audiobus forum? (I joined as “Jester” /

If I could just get past this roadblock, life would ROCK! (LITERALLY!!)

Thank you so much!!

Ok, here you go: IOS sysex storing
I already made the script for your sysex handling but need to test it first and I have a big day tomorrow, so maybe sunday or tuesday.
In the meantime if you have other sysex to deal with feel free to post on Audiobus.
And welcome, this forced me to do a little cleanup :slight_smile:

Holy Mackerel! I hope you’re around to talk me through this a bit…this is way deeper than I have ever gone…


Apps downloaded! Mosaic came up instantly when I opened MIDI EFFECTS in Cubasis 3…!

Yes, you can also use it in Cubasis, but as Cubasis filters SySex, it will have no use in this case.
Try to follow my step by step guide, loading and running Mozaic in AUM:
Let me know if something goes wrong.

Working on it now!