Recording Midi Through USB

I’m trying to record midi from an Alesis DM8-USB electronic drum kit into Cubase 5. I normally use a Tascam US-122 soundcard to record into Cubase but it doesn’t have a USB input.

Is there a way to record midi by bypassing the soundcard and going through the computer (pc)?



Simply choose the correct MIDI input in Cubase.

That sounds easy when you know how to do it. I’m fairly new to midi in general and I’m getting lost in all the instructions in the operations manual. How do I go about choosing the correct MIDI input in Cubase?

The DM8 needs to be connected to your computer via USB. When you do this, you’ll probably see an additional MIDI input appear – connect the DM8 first, then start Cubase and look in Devices/Device Setup/MIDI/MIDI Port Setup. That new MIDI port should be your DM8. Create a new MIDI track and make that new input the input to the MIDI track and record.

I’m not familiar with the DM8 but that would be the general approach with any USB MIDI device.

Thanks, that’s all fine up to the point where I hit the kit and nothing happens in Cubase. It’s there as ‘USB Audio Device’, but when I record there’s no data, signal, anything to let me know it’s working.

Record-arm the track and monitor?

I did know to do that!

I’ve tried to upload a print screen to show my setup, but I don’t seem to be allowed. Clearly I’m doing something simple and fundamental incorrectly with the midi input but I just can’t figure out what it could be.

It recommends I contact an administrator to allow me to upload a file. Are there any reading this? Is this possible?

Are you sure, “USB audio device” is really your DM 8 and not your Tascam Audio inteface…?
Uploading files should work. I think Bitmaps will not work though. Try JPGs or GIFs,

I got it. Not really sure what I suddenly did right…

Thanks all for the advice, much appreciated.