Recording MIDI to Audio problems

I know I’m doing something fundamentally wrong. I’m hoping if I run through what I’ve done someone can spot the flaw.

  1. I open a Blank template project
  2. I go under the ‘Devices’ header and select ‘VST Instruments’
  3. I select my plug-in and ‘Create an Assigned MIDI track’ after I’m prompted
  4. My output reads '1 - ‘Name of Plug-in’ - Midi Out
  5. My input reads '1 - ‘Name of Plug-in’ - Midi In
  6. Under Channel it’s defaulted at 1 but I’ve tried all options
  7. I bring the Plug-in up (Nepheton-drum machine) and I can hear the audio and see the waveform move
  8. I arm the ‘Record Enable’ function in the track and click on the ‘Transport Record’
  9. Nothing is recorded. I’ve tested multiple plug-ins with the same results.

Am I not arming something within the plug-in itself or do I have my track configured all wrong? Please really spell it out for me. I’m not technically inclined in this respect. Thanks!

  1. Is the track actually record-enabled (button shows red)?

  2. Is an event being created? If so, is there MIDI data in the event?

Maybe post a screenshot of your project window, clearly showing the MIDI track.


… and inspector area.

Not sure if you’re trying to record midi out from the internal sequencer of the Nepheton (I assume you can do that since you’re gettin a midi out from the plug-in), record midi from an external controller and send it to the Nepheton or if you’re trying to record the audio output from the instrument onto a regular audio track?
I assume one of the first two options.

In any case, this sounds wrong:
4) My output reads '1 - ‘Name of Plug-in’ - Midi Out
5) My input reads '1 - ‘Name of Plug-in’ - Midi In

If you’re trying to control the instrument:
The input of the midi track should be listed as “xxx Midi in” or “All midi inputs” where “xxx Midi in” is the name of your controller or the midi port it’s connected to.
The output should read “Name of Plug-in - Midi In”

If you’re trying to record midi output from the instrument:
The Input should be “Name of Plug-in - Midi Out” and the output should be set to whathever you’d like to control with it, probably not back to the instrument since that could give you double triggering.
This might need some setup within the instrument itself.


Yes, that too.