Recording midi to audio

I was able to record a midi track into a audio track by soloing both tracks and pressing record button. Is this only possible with virtual instruments in Cubasis? I tried it using virtual midi with another app and can’t get it to record. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible? Thanks


that is an interesting observation. Technically, recording a MIDI-track directly into an Audio track is not possible at the moment. The only way to do this would be to route the output of your MIDI-track to your interface and connect the output to an input of the interface. Another way would be to record the output of the speakers using the internal microphone of the iPad (which would yield somewhat bad quality).

As well, recording the output of other apps is not possible. This is what Audiobus ( promises, which Cubasis will support with the upcoming update that is waiting for approval in the App Store at the moment.

If you have further questions let me know.

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Frieder, it is absolutely possible. I did it again just to confirm. If you record midi into a track, then solo the midi track and one audio track, arm just the audio track, you can record the midi into the audio track. Thanks.

Okay, so I recorded 4 bars of midi drums on track one. Then I soloed the track. next I create a new audio track, solo it and arm it. Go to the beginning and record for 4 bars. The results? Yes I now have an audio wave file on track 2 of the drums. BUT, it was simply the iPads mic that picked up the midi drums and recorded it onto the audio track. Sound quality is greatly diminished.

Is this what you are referring to?

When you arm an audio track, I believe its default input is the iPad mic. So anything close enough to the mic will get recorded, ie your ipad speaker output, your voice if you are singing along or talking, and any other sound close by.

@AkaMarko. You’re right. I was thinking this could make some interesting effects after editing audio. What’s your thoughts?

Okay so now I recorded a 4 bar melody on piano in cubasis track 1. i turned down channel volume and set midi out to virtual midi. i launch Garageband and selected a synth lead sound and made sure background audio is turned on. go back to Cubasis and solo midi track, create audio track and solo/arm track. Hit record from beginning of tune and the garageband audio (controlled via cubasis midi out) is recorded. BUT as with my first test, the audio track is recording audio from the ipad speaker and picked up on the iPad mic.

Definitely! You could have your original midi drums with mild reverb and then have your audio wave form file with some extreme fx panned left or right or up and down in the mix. loads of possibilities.

Thanks. I’ll experiment with that a bit. Although the sound is degraded some, it still has pretty good clarity if there is no background noise.

True, some instruments don’t matter so much depending where they are in the mix.

I have a nice rich sounding portable Sony speaker (bluetooth or hard wired) I use with my iPad and this helps as well. In the end tho, the iPad mic is limited.

Thanks for bringing this subject up because even tho more and more apps are adopting audiobus, there will still be those holdout apps that have great sounds and this will be the only way to get their audio into Cubasis.

Speaking of nice sounding apps have you checked out Guitarism? It’s free right now and was just sent to Apple for approval for Audiobus update.

I’ll Check it out, thanks.