Recording Midi Track (Volume?)

Hi folks,

I have a basic question which has been puzzling me for a while now. I have checked the forum but could not see a thread relating to this directly or simplistically.

If (as I always do) I record a MIDI TRACK using an external keyboard to play the notes into Cubase (ie. the Midi Data then appears in the ‘piano roll’), does it actually matter what the FADER LEVEL is set at (in the F3 mixer) ?? By default, the mixer (white) fader is all the way down at zero (though the green lights show incoming data regardless of this). Then if I move the (white) fader, it ‘snaps’ and takes control of the level of the incoming data (ie. the green lights for the Midi Track will flash more/less depending where the fader is positioned).

Now, is this VOLUME which is being represented in the Midi Track (F3) mixer ?? And more importantly, regardless of whether or not it is, does it matter where the fader is set, or if it is at its zero position ?? As I say, in default, the incoming level (green lights) is high.

So, what my question is leading to is that :-

After I have recorded the Midi Track (via my external keyboard), I then create an Audio Track and play back the Midi Track (which in turn triggers the internal sound on my external keyboard) and record the sound from the external keyboard onto the Audio Track in Cubase. In other words, I have a Midi Track and Audio Track versions of the same thing. No problem.

Anyway, the problem is that I have been getting a lot of ‘clipping’ and I can only assume that this may be related to the aforementioned regarding the level of the Midi Track (green lights) ?? Does this actually record the VOLUME (in Midi language) and then (if set too high) will cause the incoming Audio Track to distort ??

I hope I have explained this ok. Its not too complicated a question. It’s just a little bit tricky to explain in short.

I have a short excerpt (on the Yamaha forum I use for FM Synth topics) where you can here this unwanted effect. Its only now again that you can hear the individual clipping sounds but they are noticeable. Sadly, I have now noticed in in other recordings I have made previously ! I thought it was maybe ‘Automation’ (pitch-bend and Mod Wheel) which I record separately over the Midi Track (and then ‘glue’ it), but I am not sure if this is the case ??

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Anyone able to help here please guys ?? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Maybe try the Cubase forum?

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