Recording MIDI with Step Designer plugin


I have no problem recording events with my midi controller on any MIDI track, but I can’t record (export) any data when I use Step designer. The playback works well, but unable to record anything on the track. Any idea?


What exactly do you mean, please? Do you want to record or export the data? What steps are you doing? What is your expectation, and what do you get instead?

I mean when I hit record on the MIDI track while playing STep Designer sequencer, nothing’s going on when I hit record. No block is recorded. I tried every configuration on the Input of the track, but neither works


In this case, Cubase records the source data (the data, you are sending from your MIDI Keyboard).

I want to record the sequence of Step designer on the MIDI track, not what’s coming from my keyboard.


You can Copy the pattern and Paste, or you can drag and drop it till the MIDI/Instrument track.

Thank you Martin, but when I use the copy fonction on Step Designer, I can’t paste anything on my Instrument channel or MIDI track, it doesn’t work; it really seems there’s something wrong between the plugin and the channel. The playback of the sequence is okay when I play the sequence, but the MIDI DATA can’t be write on the channel. Really strange


I’m reading the manual now (not with Cubase).

Copy Pattern/Paste Pattern
Allows you to copy the current pattern and paste it to another pattern location (in the same StepDesigner instance or another).

So this is not the way to go. Sorry.

I remember few years ago on an old Cubase version, I pressed record on the channel, and I was able to record the MIDI sequence from Stepdesigner. With Cubase 13, it’s not working, and I didn’t tweak anything on Cubase, I just upgrade it.


In any case, you can use the Recording Insert line in the MIDI Inserts. Move it bellow the Step Designer, then record. The MIDI Insert is giong to be “printed” to the track.


Fantastic Martin, thank you, it works. I just had to drop down that recording line below the plugin insert slot. I didn’t notice that function before.

I never knew this existed (and there goes the rest of the week).


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