Hi all
I’m pretty new to MIDI apart from using beat designer so would appreciate any help.

In Cubase 7 I’m trying to record MIDI by linking a Halion sonic se preset sound to a MIDI track, then arming the track and pressing the main record button on the transport panel. Then I play the notes (using my cursor arrow on the virtual Halion keyboard, not via an external keyboard). I can hear the notes playing as I click the cursor on the virtual keys, and the event starts being created in real time between the left and right locators. However within the event I can see no midi “notes” are being created as I am playing, and when I press stop record the event disappears.

I’ve watched tutorials on Youtube, and as the person is playing the midi notes I can see the “notes” being written as the event is recorded and when recording is stopped the event is left in the project window with notes showing within the event window. I think the person in the video is using an external midi keyboard though.

Can anyone help?
AFN :slight_smile:

Note that the graphic keyboards in VSTs don’t send midi.

Thanks for that. So I need to connect an external MIDI keyboard to Cubase. Can’t believe I’ve spent a week trying to sort this. Much appreciated.

You can also use the keyboard that is integrated into the trasport bar. Right click on the transport.

Thanks for the second reply too. It’s stopped me getting straight onto amazon and buying the first keyboard that looked half decent. :laughing: