recording midi

im a newbie to recording midi, I have a tk-11 Roland vdrums was wondering is there a book or somewhere explaining tips and trick of recording midi ? :smiley:

Firstly, I suspect it is a TD11 and knowing Roland you may or may not have midi out on the back of the unit.
I know some, just stumbling by this thread will think, Surely, it’s 2015 and the number one name in edrums will have a midi out socket - not necceserally the case.
Anyhow, if it has a midi out then you’ll need to convert that to usb and plug into your computer.

Yes sorry I meant a td11 , it doesn’t have a midi out how do I record or can I record.

Does it have usb?

it does have a usb

Your manual states that you must install the driver located on the CD before connecting it to the computer. Then I suggest that you connect the usb/usb cable then start CB so that CB will recognize it.

The TD-11 owners manual has a lot of information. At least enough to get you going. Once in CB you will create an instrument or midi track and choose either “all midi inputs” or the exact input named for your hardware. Output would be the “stereo out” buss asdociated with your audio interface or audio card.

Also, you should list your system specs to keep us from guessing/assuming. My assumption was that you are on a PC running some version of CB 7.

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if it had a midi out , how do record midi , im using elements 7 through a ur 242

Well it doesn’t have midi so don’t worry about it. Install the driver from Roland (best of luck there) and plug the usb into your pc. You’ll then need to select the TD11 in your midi options.

The USB connection is serving as the “midi out”.

Here’s a link to the TD-11 owners manual. Again, very good information there.

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