Recording/Mixing Template design for speed and efficiency?

I’ve only a basic knowledge of Cubase and recording/mixing but templates are so vital for speed/workflow your input could help a lot of people.

Someone suggested they found it best to use custom track presets rather than a recording template. I guess the idea would be to have a very basic template with fx channel, marker track etc but import a track preset for every instrument you want to record and have presets to cover different music genres etc. The alternative would be a large template with all instruments, group track. fx tracks disabled and hidden till required (to declutter and reduce CPU/Lag). Smaller templates, essentially subsets of the large one could be created but could be time consuming keeping them inline when updating.

Secondly, for someone that records and does a basic mix themselves, is there an advantage to use a recording then a mix template?

Input from experienced cubase users would be invaluable to me and others to reduce the tedium and improve the quality of recordings.
Many thanks.