Recording Modulation after the fact

Maybe I’ve mis-remembered, but I thought recording Mod Wheel after the fact was real easy:

1- Record midi track
2- Enable “W”, hit PLAY, move the mod wheel. Done!

I thought this is how it used to work. Now it records nothing. The mod wheel does work and I can to the data and hear the effect in real time.

I can hit RECORD, and play with the mod wheel, but then it records another part (even though MIDI Record Mode is MERGE).
The part image in the track looks good, shows midi notes and Mod wheel over lay, BUT the part in lane 1 now shows with nothing but the diagonal hash.
Double-click and the Key Editor shows and empty part.
I click the Bring-to-front point on the empty part and it now works and almost looks normal, and I can see the part in lane 1 and the Key editor.

So I guess my question is: What’s with the new empty part that gets created? All it seems to do is initially hide my original part.

Cubase 11 Pro
Very long time intermittent user (I still have my printer port dongle)


If you enable W (Write Automation), you write the automation data, you don’t record incoming MIDI data.

If you set the MIDI Record Mode > Linear & Cycle MIDI Recording to Merge, then the Modulation CC will be merged (glued) to the already existing MIDI Part. It works for me here.

Other option is to open the Key Editor, enable Record in the Editor and hit Record (but not by clicking to the button, the focus must stay in the Key Editor, so you have to trigger it via Key Command or from hardware controller).

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