Recording MOXF song tracks to Cubase Elements 7

Experts, I am a newbie! I have created a song with about 10 tracks on the MOXF and would like to record them in Cubase. Currently when I select a cubase (midi) track to record a part, it records all 10 tracks. I would like to split each track up however. I understand that I can send 4 tracks over at a time. Please advise.

Also, when I press play in Cubase, it triggers the MOXF to play the sequence. when I would like to hear what has been recorded in Cubase.

Figuring it out! LOL… but any wisdom would be appreciated!

My question now is regarding Adding the MOXF as an external instrument that can be recorded and monitored in Cubase. I want to record the sounds in the MOXF.

Only MOX is listed as an option from the ‘Add External Instrument’ options in VST Connections-External Instruments.

I recognize some of the patchs, but a lot have different names. How do I add MOXF6/MOXF8 as an external instrument option?

Have you installed the MOXF Remote Tools and VST Editor software?


Now I have installed both Remote tools and VST editor. I am able to play and record the MOXF midi sequence controlled in Cubase. To do this,I have muted the other parts on the MOXF and recorded each part one at a time. I would like all parts on a different track.

Now my issue is hearing back the recording (Audio voice or the midi recordings). When I press play in Cubase, I am merely triggering the MOXF sequence and not hearing what I have recorded.

The same with voice, I can record the data but cannot hear it when playing back. Any suggestions here?

One more thing, I am still unable to find how to record the MOXF computer as Audio…

Ok, I was able to find some videos on making midi audio… working through it. I have found if you don’t turn midi into audio it will not be heard as a wav file.

Hi, I hv problem with my moxf6 and cubase ai 9.5.
Everything was good (recording midi using my moxf6 and play it back), but then once i did the Audio Mixdown to wav file, nothing can be heard. Is anybody facing the same problem as mine? And how to solve it?


Can you record multiple tracks from moxf into separate audio tracks on cubase rather than 1 at a time?? Using cubase le elements ai 9.5 with focusrite 2i2 interface on windows.