Recording Multiple Midi Instruments In 1 Track

I’ve set up a VST rack and can play an individual instrument for each VST rack track. I’m using Play.

Is it possible to combine a single track to play multiple instruments? Or even better to record multiple tracks in real time on different tracks with 1 recording?

Is it possible to open multiple midi channels with one VST instrument instead of a rack ? Whenever I try this without using a rack, changing channels has no effect .

My knowledge is fairly limited so please explain in as simplistic terms as possible. Excuse my noobness.

Any help would be much appreciated


  1. You can have multiple instruments playing “from” the same midi Input/track. This is accomplished by using midi sends (available on midi channels/tracks). You find the midi sends in the inspector. You can select where the midi Signal shall go.
  2. You can of course record more than one midi track at once using the same Input. This is the same as with Audio. Simply select the same Input source for all your midi tracks. So: Simply set up the number of midi tracks you Need. Assign the same midi Input to them. Record enable all of them at once.
  3. Sending on more than one channel to a single vst-Instrument depends on the Instrument itself. Kontakt for example can handle this, some of the Steinberg vstis can’t. This is why changing the channel in those cases does not do anything.

And… you can of course also duplicate a midi track at any time, i.e. generate identical duplicates of an original midi reording.