Recording multiple takes with VST instruments

So, I play in a lot of my own parts, using VSTs (VSL, Kontakt etc). Lots of MIDI recording with breath controllers etc.

I can do multiple takes, and using the MIDI record ‘stacked’ mode, each take gets assigned its own lane. All fine. However, what if I take a break between recordings? I can’t seem to work out how to record a new lane without the last recorded lane playing back.

Here’s an example:

  1. Record in a flute part using VSL/breath controller. After 3 takes I’m happy (at least I think I am)
  2. Go make a coffee, celebrate what a great composer I am :wink:
  3. Decide I actually suck, and that flute part needs re-thinking/re-recording
  4. Try and record a new lane on the instrument track.
  5. Previous last recorded lane insists on playing back while I’m trying to record, making life difficult.

Thanks for any advice in improving my workflow.



Just mute the previous MIDI Part, after you come back from the coffee break, :wink: before you start to record a new MIDI Part.

Oh, cool, I thought there might be a smarter way of doing it (like a preference somewhere that automatically added new lanes when re-recording), but that’s cool. Thank you!