recording multiple tracks

I’ve just got a ur824 and I’m running Cubase 5 with a mac. I have connected two mics in the XLR’s in the back and created two tracks in Cubase. how do I record tracks at the same time? After highlighting both tracks and pressing record, I get nothing. I don’t know how to assign channels to the tracks?

You click the record symbols on the individual tracks in order to ‘record enable’ them, then you need to press the record button on the transport control to actually start recording.
I seem to remember that there are some good tutorial videos on the installation DVDs to C5 which cover recording fairly good. The videos are also on Steinbergs YouTube channel I believe (even for version 6.xand 7 the methods haven’t changed in this respect.

You will also need to setup separate input buses via ‘VST Connections’. Then select them in the Inspector window, for each track. Enable the monitor, and record enable, then press record.