Recording my bass guitar through DI on cubase

ik a really weird question…but i use an M TRACK SOLO for my recordings and i have no clue about getting started on cubase using it, i would connect it with my laptop and plug in my bass but i get no output/input…could someone pls break it down for me step by step bout how to set up my AI and bass for recording purposes and like how to form buses and all…it would be really grateful

Welcome @urraanniiuumm

I guess that there is an ASIO driver to install first (or you’ll have to use ASIO4All for this) to get a driver usable by Cubase.

This done, the second thing to check is that the driver, once installed, is selectable in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel (ASIO driver setting).

The previous step allows all the inputs/outputs of your interface to be available in the Studio > Audio Connections panels. Check that all of them are activated in the Inputs and Outputs ones, as available busses.

The last step will be to create an audio track with the relevent Input an output busses in the track inspector Input and Output routing settings.

You should be ready to go, at this point…

Cubase wizard Greg Ondo gives a quick rundown here.

First Recording in Cubase


thanks dude

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