recording my mix?

Thereotecally i have thought it out. Im using one macbook pro i5 2010 mid version. So my music is coming from traktor pro- its going out through Audio Dj 2 soundcard- goin into my analog Ecler mixer- Now! I havent try this jet, cause my Duet Apogee is shipping soon but can i record signal from Ecler main outs to the Duet In’s into Q6. One computer doing all that with two soundcards or can i use Duets outs as Traktor outs and Duets in’s in Q6. Is it doable and can computer handle it?


Edit: it would be more then welcom if only one soundcard would be used cause i also be using X1 controller so ill be running out of usb ins


If Tracktor supports ReWire, that would be a perfect fix, but I’m not sure that it does (and I’m not a Traktor user, appologies).

My guess is that even if you can make the audio do everything you describe, you’ll encounter some latency issues?

You could bouce files out of Tracktor and import to CB, but I’m guessing you’re after a solution that will let you play live?