Recording on Cubase

Just got Cubase Elements 8. Recording with a Se22000A C-II and an Avid M-Audio Fast Track 2 interface.

I’ve got a few questions.
1)How can I set it so as soon as Cubase starts recording I can hear the vocal from the microphone in the headphone? I use the monitor button for this but when I press for playback it doesn’t play and I have to keep switching it on and off.

  1. How do I reduce how much background noise comes into my Cubase? I used to record on Audacity and I had very little background noise but Cubase seems to pick up a lot. I record in my bedroom.

3)How do I add effects, for example my beat is too loud and I want to turn it down. How do I get up the mixer?



  1. If you don’t want to switch this manually, you can use one of the Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring. For your case, I would recommend While Record Running option.

  2. By the microphone position to the source. The background noise is not question of the software.

  3. To open MixConsole, press F3 Key Command, or go to Devices > MixConsole.