Recording on cubasis

I have been trying to record on Cubasis for a while. When I hook up my (blue) microphone to my iPad 2 I see the sound bouncing on the mixer but I get no sound in my headphones. Please help me with this because I really need this right now. Thank you in advance.


sorry the issue is not clear yet… so do you mean you can not monitor your mic signal? Can you record in general and playback? Are you using any other gear?


I’m sorry about that. And that is correct. I see that there is a mic signal in the app but I don’t hear the audio playback when I try to monitor my recording. It does however record signals.

And no I’m not using any other gear. Just my iPad and my mic.

Hello Tre9595,

Depending on what USB Microphone you have from Blue you may not be able to hear what you’ve recorded until you set Cubasis back to it’s built-in output settings of the iPad, typically my unplugging the USB device from the camera kit adapter. If you are using a class compliant (CC) USB device to record into Cubasis as an input device, it must have a direct output on the device (USB interface/microphone) in order hear it back. The Blue Yeti has this feature with a built in headphone jack, but other USB Microphones such as the Snowball or Snowflake do not have this feature. This same issue is prominent with using USB microphones with standard computers and DAW’s.

I have the blue snow ball. So do you suggest I unplug it or reset the settings? I’ve tried both but maybe I’m missing a step. Also would it be better if I indirectly connected my mic?

Honestly, neither is ideal with an iPad. The best scenario would be to have a sound card that allows you both input and output capability like a UR44 or a Blue Yet so you don’t have have to switch the driver every time you want to monitor back what you recorded.

We have been in exchange with bluemic regarding the support situation. If you plan to buy a blue mic or struggle with their hardware please get in touch with them at Their support team is happy to help with questions or concerns.