Recording on the same channels

Hello folks!

Trying to learn Cubase and while im learning everyday some things just aint going right with recording…

when I record an intro on midi on one channel and then add another track and want to record with another sound, when I playback the first track I recorded it now has the sound of the new track. What am I doing wrong here?


Which device are you using to playback the sound triggered by the MIDI data?

I use Oxygen 61 as midi (apogee duet interface)

Which is a MIDI controller keyboard. The question is, which device is creating the sounds from the MIDI data

Halion Sonic SE?

Don’t use “All midi inputs”. Set midi up and record from a specific device and channel.

Thanks, so how do I do that in a practical way I want to use my midi keyboard with halion SE on three tracks and one is a drumtrack another has two different sounds for an intro for instance?

I have changed every track instead of all midi to oxygen 61 , my pianotrack for instance ( I do use midi keyboard for this however) but still, everytime I change sounds on next track, every track get that sound…

It something very very fundamental that I just dont get, Im totally aware of that but alas, what am I doing wrong???

Now I have managed to record a vocal track. I want to record again and add another track. Now, when im starting recording/singing playback of my first vocal track appears in the speakers…feel like an idiot!

Changing the MIDI input port won´t change anything. You need each MIDI output port of the different MIDI tracks to trigger a different instrument patch (usually via different MIDI channels) of HalionSonic SE…

For example muting it will help, creating dedicated monitor mixes will help, simply recording over the first track will help…

Thanks a million that really helped.

You´re welcome