Recording only left speaker?

Hi there again,

I have some issues with recording guitar and vocals.

I add an audio track. Put it on stereo and record.
But when i play the audio track it only goes to my left speaker.

Anyone solutions for this?


Make sure your audio setup is including both left and right channels. When I add a new monitor , make sure it is stereo and then make sure both R and L are routed to your audio devices R and L channels. I initially assumed both R and L would routed together at the same time, but the routing is an individual step for each side. Routing just one side is one potential cause

This will happen when you record mono sources (like a guitar or mic) to an input bus assigned as stereo. The bus should be assigned as mono. Then this mono bus would be set as the input for a mono or stereo audio track. Recording on either type of audio track will result with a mono file because your source is mono.

If you are recording sources that have a stereo output then yes… you need to make sure your input buses are set up and assigned to a stereo audio track correctly. But I think your issue is what I described above.

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