Recording outboard bus compressor while tracking, anyone?

Does anyone print stereo bus compressor while tracking drums ?
Whats you´re routing method in Cubase if you dont have a console.

My method is ceating a bus, sending only the pieces of the kit i want to hit the compressor to that bus (group track) and record that into a stereo channel. I´m not using the external insert plugin, i directly route the group into a physical out and patch the out of the compressor into the converters.

I don’t. What would be the benefit of doing that?
I’ll track with channel EQ and compressor but I can’t see why printing bus compression during tracking would be helpful.

I understand your question, and i been doing bus compresion for monitoring purposes only too for some time but recently i started printing to use it as a parallel procees during mixing. It works great.

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Anything that saves time down the line, I guess. :+1:

I would probably do the routing in my interface if you don’t have a console. Does your interface have some form of routing matrix software? I use RME interfaces and their TotalMix is easy and intuitive for tasks like above.
Otherwise, I don’t see anything wrong with doing the routing in Cubase. I would triple check the timing/sync of the re-recorded bus for peace of mind.

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