Recording output of FX

Hi - I’ve added an FX channel to my vocals but wish to record the FX on a separate track so I can do some things to it. I have tried everything in my limited knowledge like creating an output bus called FX out and assigning the output routing to that and then creating a track and routing that output to the input of that track and so on.

I’m certain its a straightforward practice. Can someone please help? Bear in mind with explanation that i am a newbie…

Thnx, John

As there doesn’t seem to be a render in place for FX channels, try this:

  1. Select the locators to cover the range you wish to render to audio.

  2. Go to the File Menu and choose Export -> Audio mixdown.

  3. In the channel selection section of the export dialogue, check the box of the fx track you wish to export as audio.

  4. Choose whatever options you would like in the options in the file location section (on the right).

Just as a note, whenever I have a new project, the file path always seems to point to my documents rather than the project audio folder until I select “Use project folder” in the drop down menu. YMMV.

Make sure the import into project/import into audio pool boxes are checked if you want your newly rendered file to appear in the project.

Hope this helps

If you add a output bus (in vst connections F4) and don’t connect it to anything.
You can use that bus as output for the fx and input for a audio track.
I usually for lead vocals, simply duplicate the track and use inserts on that track set to 100% wet.
It makes it easy to cut out words you dont want fx On\Off or move around on the timeline.
Also makes it easy to do a Render in Place, when you are satisfied.

Hi peakae - thanks for that but I can’t get it to work. See screenshot…the insert with Reverence is the FX track output and FX out is in the routing input slot on the far right is the channel for the reverb with FX out as the input…when i run the vocal track there is no signal reaching the track.

In VST connections I clicked Outputs - Add Bus - Bus name FX out, Speakers: Stereo, Audio Device: Not Connected, Device Port: Not Connected (both channels)

Could you explain in a little more detail please my friend…