Recording/playback issues (ND2/Rob Papen's Punch/Cubase 5)

Whilst trying to workaround some issues i had setting up my Nord Drum 2 for use with Cubase 5, i encountered a whole new and strange issue, which i would appreciate some help with…

After trying to setup my ND2 as a MIDI Device in Cubase 5 and failing (…different story!) I did finally manage to plug in my ND2/Nord Pad and get it to trigger sounds on a VST Instrument Track, using Rob Papen’s Punch.

I thought this was quite a breakthrough, as i love the multitude of sounds that you can get using Punch, so recording using this setup would probably suit my current requirements just fine.

Having worked out a beat that sounded great during live playback, the next logical step for me was to record it… However, as soon as i pressed record in Cubase, things changed dramatically… Wheras before, each hit on the pad instantly triggered a sound from Punch, now (during recording) the same hit would sometimes trigger a sound, and sometimes it would not!

I thought this was strange, but what was even weirder was that every single hit on the pad did actually record as MIDI data. The problem was, the exact same issues still occured when i played the recording back!!

I have been racking my brains trying to figure out what the problem is here, but so far it has eluded me…

I have my suspicions that the problem lies with Rob Papen’s Punch somehow, as i can actually get the recorded MIDI data to play properly if i drag it onto a VST Intrument track that uses Groove Agent One, for example. Still, i really would like to be able to use Punch, as the sounds it offers are far superior to those in Groove Agent One.

OK, so I hope that describes my issue well enough… any help or advise would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance:)