Recording & Playback

Hi folks,

I’m running a Yamaha MG16XU with Cubase AI, and I’m experiencing some issues between playback and recording.

When I select the Yamaha as my ASIO driver for the software, I can only play back (even if through my computer speakers) when the USB input is selected on the mixer and the corresponsing channel is activated.

I need to be able to hear the other tracks playing back, so on its own, this isn’t an issue. However, the problem occurs when I want to record vocals or anything else from the mixer into the software on the PC, as it sends all the playback signals into the software as well, essentially creating a mixdown track (which obviously I’m not wanting).

Has anyone else experienced this issue on Windows 7 PCs, and if so, what was your solution?


I don’t have your hardware but here are a few thoughts…

You probably have not set up your Yamaha MG16XU input and output busses properly in the Cubase software.

  • Go to the Cubase menu Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System and make sure the Yamaha driver for the MG16XU is chosen.
  • Go to Cubase menu Devices > VST Connections and look at the input and output tabs. You should have a bunch of input and output busses to assign here. Here is where things gets routed properly in Cubase to/from your mixer.

For anyone to assist further you need to report what you have for these settings. So report back and we will try to assist. Screens shots help. Good luck. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: