Recording problem

Running C4 and I have the following problem recording guitar with distortion on channel insert.
The effect sounds fine until I press record whilst monitoring other tracks and then the effect almost disappears leaving mostly dry signal. It records ok and on playback the effect is fine.
I’m using an external mixer and the guitar input is routed to the submix only and not the master outputs so I don’t think any dry signal is creeping in there.
Would appreciate any ideas as to what could cause this.

Many thanks in advance

I would expect you are most likely using Direct Monitoring. I would suggest turning off Direct Monitor for your audio interface and then you should hear the effect during recording.

Thanks very much for replying. I already have the Direct Monitoring check box unticked in the device setup for my interface.
It’s not that I can’t hear the effect it’s just that it drops right down as soon as I press play or record, and the dry signal is then prominent.