Recording randomly stops

When I an recording a track the recording randomly stops before I can finish the full track! Any suggestions???

How about providing a few details.

Computer specs, Operating System, Cubase version, soundcard/interface, type of track, etc.

Hp Pavillion with an AMD 6 Vison processor, running Windows 7 Home premium. Lexicon Omega Interface. Cubase 6.5 installed. Trying to record an audio track. The behavior is random. At time I am able to record a complete track but, not and then the recording just stops.

Sorry about leaving you hanging.

Is this a laptop or desktop?

The first thing I would do is disable all power saving options in BIOS and Windows settings.

Also, you can run this utility which might give you a clue as to what might be causing interrupts …

Have you tried disabling any onboard sound devices and Windows sounds set to no sounds?