recording right from a marker

Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I’ve tried searching for an answer, but have really come up empty-handed. So, I have markers set up for different sections of a song, and I’d like to record right from them. Let me try to elaborate further. See, the problem is is that my sections don’t start at the beginning of a bar, but more so right near the end of it. I have markers placed at the beginning of each section and they’re pretty precise since I have the quantize grid set at 1/128. However, the dilemma is that when I record, it doesn’t start recording at my marker, but instead rolls back some seemingly random amount as if I had pre-roll on. The thing is is that I do not have pre-roll on. I cannot figure out how to make this go away. It’s makes thing immensely more difficult when recording solos. I tried fooling around with the punch-in too, but that give no fruit either. I seriously just want to start recording exactly where my marker is placed. Can someone please help me?

I would not use preroll but set the punch in/out where you want to record ang start playback from an earlier point.
Arm the track and press play, not record.

Yes, as Peakae says, Punch-In is definitely the way to accomplish this.

You don’t say which version you have (Punch-In is less versatile in Elements) but either way Punch-In is the answer. As Peakae says, after setting your Punch-In point, you then roll back a bar or two and press PLAY and Cubase will click into record at exactly the spot you have marked. It’s invaluable for fiddly solos or even bits of solos etc. Punch Out too to stop recording! One of my favourite recording tools.

(You do have to enter the position though, it won’t punch in from a marker, but if you manually positioned the marker just copy its exact position into the Punch In box.)

oh absolutely fantastic! thank you for the punch-in tips. I did not know that I was using it incorrectly. Thank you!