Recording Routing

can you not route the main stereo out to a channel that you want to record on ? or route one channel to another?
The only way i have figured out how to do this is by sending a channel to a group and then routing the input of the channel that i want to record to from the group…seems like a big pain if the channel that you want to record from isnt part of a group already.

Yes, you can. You just must not create a feedback loop.

ok i understand that now but why could i just push record and it would record whatever was playing in earlier versions?

what was recording wasn’t played in a feedback loop unless monitor was on.


What exactly is the question…?

i want to be able record something playin in one channel into a different channel without have to create a group to do it…is there a way ?

for recording from output:
yep very confusing…
i think i know whats going on wrongly.for my experience at list !
just make sure that the audio track u want to print in,the output goes to"no bus" or other output then output1 and make sure it has no sends assign to it.
if an fx channel is routed to output 1 and in the audio channel you want to print in, has send that routed to that fx,
u cant route “output 1” as input to that ch.( my phrasing makes any sense? not native English speaker :wink: )
i had that problem too cuz in preferences i checked “assign send automatically to every new created channel”.

hope this helps.

has for using channels output to others channel input directly i think its not possible,have to use groups or outputs.
in previous ver u could see the minus sign when u couldn’t assign output(to avoid feedback) now its just not shows that output at all, so its little confusing

i will try it on no bus… i didnt try that because i fiured it wouold do nothing…thanks for the help!!

Not doing so will create a feedback loop, which is what I wrote before.

your explanation didn’t say much other than that…thanks anyway though

I tried selecting “No bus” that takes away the option to record anything at all, anyone else have any ideas?

Obviosuly and as swritten already. you need to select it for the output, not the input…