Recording scratching on top of the track in Cubase

Hi everyone,

I need to record scratching effects with dj controller on top of my Cubase tracks. I have never used cdj scratch table and I don’t know how to use them. But what I need is my track to play underneath (Channel A) from start to end and at the same time I could record scratching and looping (channel B) using my track in real time. So that after each scratching the on channel B, it would catch up with Channel A. Not sure If I explained it well. Could You advise a VST or separate software and a simple not expensive cdj controller?

I have looked at Serato DJ and Traktor Pro, but not sure how to actually do this the right way. Don’t know even how this process is called and what it is I should be looking for on youtube for tutorials.

I know there VSTs that add scratch effects from my track, but I need something that I can actually scratch with my own fingers, to feel it coming and be in total control.

Cheers for the answer guys!

Any help very much appreciated! :smiley: