Recording sequenced songs from a Roland G8 into Cubase

Trying to figure out how to record sequenced tracks from my Roland G8 in to Cubase. Anybody have any detailed info for a kindergarten level Cubase user. Right now I have a midi to usb cord from the G8 to the Laptop. But cant seem to get anythig going. Thanks

Hi Dan,

I’m not near my machine right now, but feel free to PM me. I use a Roland Fantom X amongst other synths, so my workflow will be based my direct experience, and not possible differences the G8 may have.

Is your Fantom drivers installed and working correctly?

The start point should be the creation of dedicated midi instrument.
This allows Cubase to ‘connect’ directly to patches and performance sets.
A midi track in the arranger window could then directly transmit, per channel to a single patch.
Another advantage is that one is able to recall the names of the thousands of patches from within Cubase, in the same way as you would when selecting programs/patches for a VSTi.

You could export the mid. file to a USB stick and imported that into Cubase, or if the Fantom were configured as a USB drive instead of a controller, direct transfer of files from FG to your PC could be done.

I suppose you may start wondering about the audio files. That could prove to be a longer discussion … :wink:

Theoretically once the Fantom is correctly set-up, playing back midi via the synth is straight fwd. Ch1 plays back on Ch1 , Ch3 on Ch3 etc.

This is a big topic, as unlike the Motif’s , as far as I know, one has to set-up all controls, like knobs, faders etc manually via CC matching.

IS THERE NOT ANYONE OUT THERE THAT CAN GIVE ME STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON BOUNCING SEQUENCED TRACKS FROM MY ROLAND G8 INTO CUBAASE 5? I’m pretty dumb about these things so if anyone can help me please talk plan english with a step by step procedure for getting these tracks from my Roland G8 into Cubase. You know baby like.
I have read tutorials 1,2,3,4 & 5 not much help.

Step 1 after turning on both the G8 and the laptop you will need a connection from the G8 to the laptop (which I think I have) preferably a midi in/out to USB.
Step 2 Set up cubase to record information from your G8 by openning up cubase going to project then select new project.

Is there anyone out there that can give me that kind of detailed information, I would really appreciate. Thanks

Let me state the obvious.

Why buy the top of the range of everything and not be able to do the basics?

My further advice: make real life friends and get some help.

Trying to learn. I knew someone like you would spend time writing something that has nothing to do with my question instead of trying to help. That’s what this forum is for. I thought? Next time try spending your time doing something constructive. Thank you much.