Recording session ruined- thanks steinberg


So I purchased Cubase 6, reformatted my pc with a fresh install of windows 7 64bit and get everyone round for a recording session. The recording just drops out at frequent intervals, pretty much ruining the session, I don’t think I got one track down from start to finish. Bare in mind I won’t see half the musicians again that came round, this was a one off.

I am seriously unhappy with cubase 6 and would expect some help with this problem ASAP. I don’t expect to put my hand in my pocket and pay for software if it’s faulty and can’t even manage the simplest of tasks such as recording audio.

One very unsatisfied customer.

Just spend the money on a pro studio session, it would be better value and more productive for you


So just to make sure, you run Win7 X64 and Cubase on a 4GB system, got a bunch of artists over to record and did this on an untested new install ?!? are u serious? :laughing:

Whenever you get people over, you get prepared, patch and TEST, TEST, TEST and then TEST again…


I’m as ready as anyone to criticise Steinberg, but only when things are their fault.

As said above, formatting a new computer and installing C6 and starting a session is at best naive - there are LOTs of things outside Steinberg’s control which may well have caused the problem.

What are your system specs? Have you installed all the right drivers for every component in the system? What caused the drop-outs - CPU or HD?

I’ve not come across a reasonably modern (as in post-2002) Cubase system which wasn’t capable of recording a reasonable amount of audio tracks (and I have set up a LOT of systems for people); indeed my “live recording rig” is a P4 2.2 Shuttle PC which happily records 24 tracks of simultaneous 24-bit audio for hours on end without ever missing a beat (Win XP, C6, previously C5 and previous to that SX3), so I think it’s far more likely that you have as specific spec/configuration issue rather than it being Steinberg’s fault per se.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner here:

Audio dropping out in Cubase 6- please help!

Unread postby Hydrophonics » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:27 pm
Hi there,

I’ve recently reformatted the pc with windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 6. There are serveral issues with it so far, the first one that I really need to sort out asap is the audio keeps on cutting out. When recording audio the other night (a female vocalist) the recording just stopped a couple of minutes in- (no other channells or plugins or open so no cpu usage) Lets just start with this as tomorrow I’m planning a big day of recording artists and really want it to work… > :confused:

I’m running a Focusrite Safire pro 24 soundcard- 512 buffer size, 44.1khz sample rate if this helps. Latency is 12 and 14ms.

PC spec is quad core- 4gb Ram- should be pretty fast…

Any help is much appreciated.


This is this user’s post from Wednesday of last week. (the thread has no replies). He KNEW that there was a problem, and yet went ahead with his recording session anyway. Then blames Steinberg for “faulty” software. :angry: But let’s try to help this raging fellow anyway.

My initial theory was lack of RAM.
4GB in a 64 bit environment only gets you about 2GB after the OS is done loading.
However, this:

somewhat shot that theory down. I would, however, like to know how many effects he had active when recording? What was his ASIO performance meter at?

Second theory was that the interface is firewire.
If memory serves, there has been an issue with audio interfaces and certain firewire control chipsets?


Just as a hint: Spend some money to invest in a professional set-up of the computer and the related hardware to make sure to have the best benefit of it.

It makes you happy :exclamation:


Yeah, I’d go with a firewire issue for first looks. My laptop is 4GB, Win7x64, runs C6 without issue (only when I’m messing about, I don’t use it for sessions or anything). One of my clients has an i7 laptop, again 4GB, Win7x64, he uses it REALLY heavily - lots of tracks with lots of effects in just about everything he does - and he doesn’t have issues.

I think it’s likely a firewire or driver issue. Experimentation with latency is probably a good idea - a graph of latency vs CPU load might be worth a quick look. I’ve had issues in the past with firewire chipsets causing all sorts of problems with firewire audio cards. Plus of course, we don’t know what “Quad core, fast” actually means!

Come on, OP… give us proper information rather than Sun-like headlines!

DPC Latency Checker is your friend.

Words escape me :unamused:

There is nothing wrong with Cubase, you should aim your anger at the inept person that set your PC up.

Heck! Didn’t you know you could have recorded everything with Windows built in sound record facility? For FREE!!!

Go to college. Learn studio engineering with Cubase. Takes only about three years plus.

THEN write in and blame the DAW.

Aside from that you’re in good company here. There’s plenty here who still don’t savvy that buying a computer and the software is the easy but, not the hard bit.

As to firewire cards, the Texas Instruments chipset version was preferred and it’s what I use without any issues, on a PCI slot in my desktop. However, I have now heard that there are other chipsets that seem to work as well so this may not be an issue, but google this and also check with the manufacturer of your audio device.

As to the anger you are feeling towards Steinberg, well, I get the emotion but it is misdirected. As with all of us here, I’m sure, there have been those moments when everything hoped for never arrives. Your ‘perfect’ session, well, in time will probably bring you some laughter. Reading your post gave me laughter, sure, but only because I’ve been there. Regroup, rebuild, move on, that’s my advice.

Perhaps this was a test from Steinberg HR to see how their forum managers handle irate customers?? :astonished:

Thats the only logical explanation i can gather here hah! They’re tryin to keep ya on your toes guys!!

Nah. People post crap like this almost daily.

and the OP was never heard of again :laughing:

Alright, alright, apologies for misdirected and over reacted thread title. Im not an expert (clearly) with production or sound engineering, in fact this is the first bit of live recording I’ve ever done. I’ve had the new install for about a month now and have been producing my own tunes with many many audio channels, vsts, kontakt, fx tracks and the rest without too much trouble (audio still cuts out during playback) but this recording session was only on one audio track (master out of a mixing desk into the 2 line ins on the sound card).

Hate to introduce myself to the forum like this and come across as a prick! clearly it’s more than likely a FireWire or other issue and just blaming steinberg was wrong, but any help on the matter would be much appreciated. I was a little miffed I didn’t get any reply from the thread I started last week about audio dropping out and felt like I should vent my anger (again I apologise).

So anyone got any other advice or had any problems with this kind of thing? The same sound card (Safire pro 24) worked no problems of earlier versions of cubase.

Cheers :wink:

It’s worth noting as has been said in other threads that cubase crashes on opening and closing now, it’s making things nearly impossible to work with…

As mentioned earlier, try running DPC Latency Checker.

Also try disabling any 3rd party plugins by renaming the plugin folder/s and see if that helps?