Recording sets

What’s the best method you use to record your sets in high quality?

I suppose one starts with bitdepth and Sample Rate (although 192 kHZ does seem overkill in most situations) -assuming you tweaked your OS/iPad or DAW already. Set up proper gainstaging and when recording with mics try having a decent one and experiment with placement.

What’s a set?
A DJ set? As in a couple of tracks live mixed on a hardware mixer?

Exactly my questions! but just tried Google’s “feeling lucky” answer :wink:

I am trying to do this through my steinberg UR 22 but am having issues, cubase can see my VST instrument but it looks like its only using one channel, totally new to this, need some help, i think its an issue in my set up through cubase AI, thanks in advance

you try to do what?

On a limited budget, you can either record to an external portable recorder, on a mic linked to your smartphone or directly to your computer.