Recording setup for multiple speakers

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I have a bit of a odd problem that I am fairly incapable of moving around when i am set up for recording. I was wondering if I could get a spot of advice? I want to be able to set up: Headset number one and speakers number one, both dedicated for cubase so that I can just swap between them as I need, and then a SECOND set of speakers for general pc usage as well as a wireless usb headset for the same purpose.

I was wondering: if I get a second sound card, can I plug all of my cubase speakers/mics into that and still have my initial sound card functioning for the rest of my pc?

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You can always install a 2nd, totally different sound card in all cases, even if not compatible…just as long you’re only selecting/using ONE at a time. In this instance, they can each use their own audio drivers.

In cases where you want to use BOTH sound cards at a time with say Cubase (as in simultaneously) then they would need to be using the same ASIO audio driver …unless you’re piggybacking one card to the other, for say more I/O’s via a digital audio connection. I can use multiple audio interfaces in my machines simultaneously because they are the same manufacturer, using the same drivers.

It sounds like the 1st option is what you want if I understand your post correctly…that is IF you are planning on using two different sound card/interfaces. But there may be other ways to do the same thing, with using just one sound card. Anywhere from simply physically swapping out your headphone & speaker systems, to using selector switches. There are various selector switching systems available…or you can build your own custom selector switch. But keep in mind that, unless you have some kind of special circuitry, when switching speakers, you’ll need to turn the volumes OFF or you’ll hear a large ‘POP’ sound and may damage your speakers. But a 2nd sound card could be done just as well, and you’d simply select the audio device you intend on using when you need to.

I don’t see any system specs but, if I understand the request correctly, I can do what is being asked without two sound cards and with no special setup or issues.

For me, I have my main “good” monitors and earphones used for CB recording sessions connected to my audio interface (PreSonus Firebox). The asio driver used and connected to CB is the one that came with that interface. So all audio related to CB is played through that interface to those monitors and/or the earphones connected to that audio interface. My “regular” PC speakers are connected to the computer sound card. I hear audio from sources like Winamp, YouTube, PC sounds, etc through those speakers or through an earphone if I connect one to the jack on the front of my PC.

Audio from each source can be heard at the same time. This periodically comes in handy when I try to match click bpm in CB close to a song I want to cover from say a YouTube video.

So, bottom line is that the audio driver assigned for my PC sounds is not the same driver used with my audio interface and Cubase.

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Used to do the same here, except that I interspersed an SMPro M-Patch 2 dual passive volume control to at least have a non-electronic control in the signal path. However, only one stereo source at a time can be used.

Since getting a 4K TV as the main monitor, I now use it for PC sound through the HDMI connection, which does allow me to hear both audio streams simultaneously, to jam to, etc.