Recording Setup Monitor output

Just a comment, it’s about filling the third column called “Monitor output” of the Recording Setup window of WaveLab8 (do not exist on Wavelab7). I Filled in as shown in the file attached to see what happening, but after a few tests with various hardware inputs, nothing changes, i.e. the software output is always what I have defined in the Playback tab, i.e. Analog1 and Analog2, so what the point of filling in this column? Or do I overlook something?
RecordingSetup.tiff (105 KB)

And you do record during these tests? And is your speaker configuration at #1 (below the master section)?

I expected to have the software playback channel (second row in TotalMix FX) to match the input channel instead of having always the An1& An 2 whatever the selected input (Mic, Line, SPDIF, Toslink).
Anyway it is not a great deal, it was only to try to understand what’s going on !