Recording signal from all tracks on new track

Ladies and Gentlemen of Steinberg forum! Please help. I am brand new to this digital audio workstation world. I’ve played piano for ever but am trying to diversify and be able to record piano parts from home to be a guest on other peoples albums. I purchased a Steinberg UR22mkII and got Cubase LE AI included. I have screen shots I will attach if I can figure out how to show that I believe I’ve set up the input/output properly. My problem is this. . .

I can record audio to track 1. When trying to add audio to track 2, the audio from track 1 gets recorded on track 2 as well. I can’t seem to figure out how to stop this. It even does it if I play a song from iTunes and record. The song playing will be on the track as well as whatever I say in the mic. I don’t know a lot of the technical terms or much really in this realm but any help would be greatly appreciated.

As with all the many posts on the forum that ask the same question, and that you might have been able to find if you had used the search function: You have to disable “loopback” in the UR 22mkII.

svennilenni ~ Thank you for your time and your answer. I will search for loopback in the program.

svennilenni ~ That did not correct the problem. . .

Additional screen shots

Your pics do show that the loopback function is disabled. Now I wonder what you have set as the audio track inputs and outputs. You might somehow have your 2nd… 3rd… etc audio tracks set to input audio from the 1st audio track. So check that out in the track inspector. If you can’t figure it out then a few pics showing the project page and a few of the audio track I/O settings would be helpful.

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Thank you Prock. I will be able to try what you are talking about on Sunday. Today and tomorrow are busy. I appreciate your time and advice.

Prock, I believe I have it set to have the input being the left channel of the UR22mkII. Screen shots attached for track 1 and 2. It is still recording audio from track 1 on to track 2. When I mute track 1 during playback I can hear both tracks. Any other ideas on what to check? I also get feedback when turning on the monitor button. I’ve read about that in other forum discussions but can’t figure out how to stop it. I don’t believe I have my internal mic active because when I go through the sound icon under system preferences I select the Steinberg unit as my input device. Thank you for your help.

If someone who is familiar with your audio device can ensure, from your screenshots, that the loopback function is disabled then I would ask the following…

What is that “mute” button in your pic (8-29- 9:01) for. Try muting it.

You say you get feedback. This sometimes happens when devices are in close proximity to each other.
So how are you monitoring track 1 while recording track 2? Meaning, are you using earphones or monitors (speakers)?

If you are monitoring using one of these devices, it may be possible that the sound from track 1 is being picked up through one of those.

Example, if you are using earphones, the sound may be bleeding through and picked up by the mic being used to record track 2. Of course this is easily possible if monitoring tracks through speakers. This can even happen when recording electric guitar on track 2. It has happened to me that my guitar pickups acted like a mic and picked up sounds from track 1. My fix for this was to purchase an improved quality set of earphones and, never monitor through speakers. Moving devices away from each other will help minimize this effect too.

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I am listening back through headphones and just trying to record me talking into an SM 58 until I can get it figured out. I am listening to track 1 through headphones while talking again into the mic for track 2. The mute box in the picture you referenced will not let me click it because I am using the Steinberg as my output I think. . . This is rather frustrating. I tried recording piano with this set up and listening to a track on the headphones played through Cubase after importing the mp3. The mp3 was recorded on the piano track. The headphones weren’t turned up so loud that you could hear the audio and the mic from the piano was 5-6 feet away from the headphones. I don’t know what else to do.

If you are sure there is no “bleeding” of sound leaked through headphone pads to mic then most likely it has something to do with that loopback function on the UR. Sorry, I am not familiar enough with it’s function(s) to further assist with that.

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Thank you for your time and help.

Under where it says Yamaha Steinberg driver click the UR22mkII tab. And to be clear you need to disable it not enable it.