Recording soundcards outputs

Hi everyone, using cubase 5 and i would like to record any sound that comes out of my computer straight into cubase (without using a mic).
Now, i usually do this by routing my soundcards outputs to my soundcards inputs, but i am constantly pulling out cables and plugging in cables as my sound card only has 2 inputs and 4 outputs.
So i was wondering if there is a different (easier) way i could do this.

Aloha M,

I must ask what gear (hardware) you are using?

There IS 3rd party software that can ‘hi-jack’ your audio ‘internally’
and then allow you to ‘route it’ to various places internally
but the solution(s) might be a lil different PC to Mac.


Thanks for your reply,
I’m using:
Windows 7 64bit, nio 2/4 sound card

Does the “hi-jack” software lose much quality?
The main reason i would like this option is so i can take certain vocal parts from dvd’s (without importing the whole dvd).

I’m on on Mac so things may be a lil diff on the PC side.

There is a free app called: ‘Audio Hi-Jack’ (and for a few $$ ‘Audio HiJack Pro’)
that does this (with no loss to audio quality) but I am not sure if there is a PC version.

However I am sure there must be something like this for Windows boxes.

In my experience, for every one Mac app there are many many more for PC’s.
Perhaps someone will chime in.

HTH (hope this helps)


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: