Recording sounds from computer in Wavelab Element 11 using UR816C (Windows 10)

Is this possible?

With my old interface from Emu there was a “wave out” option on the master output so I could record anything playing on my computer. I can’t a similar solution for my UR816C

On Windows?
In WaveLab 12, there is a drivers called “Steinberg built-in ASIO driver” that should allow to use your device, provided your device can be used with the standard Windows drivers.

It’s on Windows 10.

Sorry for not being completely clear about the OS and Wavelab version.

I’m using Wavelab 11 Elements.

Is it possible there?

Then, maybe try the supplied driver, “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver.”

I upgraded to Wavelab Elements 12. It works great. Thanks for the help.

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