Recording starts during pre-count

Anyone else find that the recording starts too soon sometimes? Using Groov agent with only one other track in a project, the tempo track, I have the click on, pre-count to 2 bars. Start Cubase and sometimes it jumps into record after one bar. Sometimes 2. Other times it waits until 2 bars pass. Sucks for repeating a selection that has this dead tag at the beginning. Never had this in C5. Solutions?

This really is bizarre! I went through the manual and posts here. I don’t see where anyone else experienced this issue. No matter what I do, when I record with a pre-count, I get 2-4 beats of extra information at the beginning of the midi track, before the first beat of the event. So I have to edit that out in order to make duplicate events? Anyone?

I’ve seen recording start on beat 5 of an 2 bar precount, so you are not alone. I cant recall what exactly I was doing at the time, but I will try to reproduce, won’t be until next week now.

yes, the same problem in OSX 10.6.8 and Cubase 6.5.2, terrible!!! I don’t search a solution