Recording stop

When I have been recording and numerous instruments have been playing, Cubase suddenly stops dead. An error message comes up and says:

Your display driver has temporarily stopped working but has recovered

Once you close this message, cubase will go on as though nothing has happened. It happened 3 times last session so its a bit of a pain

anyone know what could be causing it? I use 2 samsung monitors and the drivers are up to date, I can’t think what next?

Is it a Cubase error message or a Windows/Mac error message ?

Why do you use 2 monitors? It might be to heavy on your computer resources to handle two displays and Cubase running at the same time.

I’ve had this error message in the past. I believe it was related to the Nvidia driver for my GTX460.

Rolling back to a known working version solved it for me. It seems sometimes the “latest and greatest” driver isn’t always the most stable in every situation.