Recording stops after 30min, no waveforms,transport goes on

Today I started a 60 minutes npr. I started with one mono audio track. After recording about 30 minutes no waveforms were generated anymore, just a line appeared from that moment. The transport functions, meters, etc kept functioning, the record button stayed red. When hitting the stop button all waveforms and audio where there but only untill 30 minutes. Everything after that was gone.
On a RME-audio forum I red about exact the same problem too. I have a Foscusrite Saffire 56 box so it seems it is not a brand related problem. Some said something about turning off multi-threading. But not explicit:

My system requirements are OK. W7 64b, Nuendo 5.5.6 64b, 16GB memory. I use A-class PC components and I don’t have any other problems in other software like Wavelab, Premiere pro, etc.
Have I missed another thread on this problem, or can someone help?

My guess is that your audiofiles became bigger than 4 GB.
For long recordings, you should use the RF64 wave fileformat.
In N6, there is a preference that switches your file format automatically to RF64 or splits the files.


Hi Fredo,
I think it’s something else. The drop out was after 30 minutes recording a mono track. It was about 260 MB in size after 30 minutes.

Sounds like a power saving issue.

That might be the problem, thanks. My HD’s do go to sleep after some time, but this never gave me any problems. I’ll test it tomorrow and post back if this was the problem.

Check all devices, USB ports etc… .

I did one test with new power management settings: all settings 1 hour+. Now Nuendo kept recording. One other thing I noticed before: Antivirus programs. I use Norton. By default it starts doing background tasks after 40 minutes of ‘inactivity’. For norton recording in Nuendo also means ‘inactivity’. It will stop the recording after 40 minutes…