Recording SysEx dumps in Cubasis3

Hi Cubasis’rs
This question has probably been asked before:
I would like to record SysEx in Cubasis, is there any possibility that this might be implemented in the near future?
I used to perform at venues with a three keyboard rig and all controlled by a Kawai Q80 midi sequencer, this would send out SysEx messages to my sound modules and keyboards, this saved me so much time not having to adjust parameters on different devices on the fly.
Perhaps there is a method of receiving data dumps, then firing them back when required, I would be grateful for any information that may help in my quest.

I have just found a link provided by mkline:

But it suggests I purchase both AUM + Mosaic because Cubasis3 filters out. SysEx messages, but things may have changed (hopefully) , I only want to use CB3 + whatever other app is required.