Recording TD-4KP Roland Electronic Drum Set onto Cubase 7

I have a slight problem…
I have an electronic drumset (the Roland TD-4KP, the portable set), and I would like to be able to record it through the UR22 U.S.B 2.0 Audio interface onto the edition of cubase 7 that comes free with it. I recorded the electronic set on Cubase 7 and what I wanted was for the recording to sound exactly the same as it did on the drum set. But on the software, it put the recording on a different kit they had provided on the software. I want it to sound exactly the same as it does on the drum set, because I want a particular sound.Please use simple language because I’ve been playing drum for nearly 8 years now, but I’m only 13. I need a response quite quickly because I need to record something for some demo tracks.
Thanks for any replies.

Connect the audio out of the TD-4KP to the audio in of the UR22. In Cubase set up the audio connections as explained in the Manual - record to an audio track.


I know this sounds stupid. It will work with midi though, right?

MIDI will record MIDI data, not audio. You said:

You can of course record MIDI first, the edit the MIDI data, then playback the MIDI data back to the drumbrain, and from there record the drumbrain´s audio as explained above.

So I have recorded the drums, but there’s no sound and I really don’t want to use the provided kits on the software. It’s just dots in a track at the moment. So, how do I give the midi track sound, the sound of my electric kit, not the provided kits on the software.

Midi out to the brain, audio from it to your interface to audio track in Cubase.

It’s working! Thanks everyone!