Recording the MIDI Output

I’m on page 20 of the manual still and there’s another procedure that doesn’t work. I’ve followed the instructions. I’ve made a setup with 2 kits and made two MIDI tracks in Cubase, one receiving “01. Groove Agent - Kit 1” and the other receiving “01. Groove Agent - Kit 2”. But when I record, both kits’ data gets recorded on the first track and the second track is ignored.

The manual says: “The kits in the kit rack are routed to the MIDI output ports Kit 1 to Kit 4.” On the other hand, at the bottom of the section, under AFTER COMPLETING THIS TASK, it says: “You can now separate the recordings for the kits by dissolving the recorded MIDI part according to MIDI channel.” So, I don’t know why you would need to dissolve the MIDI part if the kit racks are being routed to separate output ports and my recording tracks are each receiving a unique kit port.

And when I do dissolve the part, it doesn’t dissolve it properly. Many of the notes appear in both of the resulting events.

I just saw the Note underneath:

Under VST2 hosts, the kits send their events only to the first MIDI output port. If you do not want
to record all loaded kits, deactivate MIDI output for the kits that you do not want to use in the kit
slot section.

I don’t know what “VST2 host” means, but I guess that’s my situation because that’s how it’s behaving. So how do I deactivate the MIDI output for a kit? I’ve tried turning the X under “MIDI Out Off” orange, but that doesn’t do anything. The kit still gets recorded.