Recording The Output of a VST Looper? How?

I am using mobius as a plugin vst within Cubase LE5. I have mobius on an fx track and I am using sends from the tracks that I want to loop to send to that fx track. I got the looper portion working as it is receiving the audio…but the output of the mobius looper goes straight to the master L/R output and therefore the loop does not get recorded. Can the sound output of the vst looper be routed internally within cubase to another track to record before it is sent to the master output so I can mixdown later the loop that was made? I am using a tascam us-1800… and I can not use the extra external outputs on it as those are used for monitor sends… thank you in advance for any help. :slight_smile: Much appreciated… Gary

Got my answer from Steinberg support… Cubase 6 will allow me to do this but LE5 will not. Thank you Steinberg for your excellent support responses! Much better than I have seen with other DAW software companies. Gary

Hi Gary,

I’m having this exact same problem(also using mobius) except with Cubase 8.5. Can you please explain the answer Steinberg support gave you? Thank you
-Ben VW