Recording the output of a VST plugin

I’m trying out the Audio Blast InstaLooper free plugin as an FX insert on a track in Cubase AI 10.5. This enables live looping when a button on it is clicked. However, I can’t find a way to record the output of the plugin in a separate track. Can someone advise me, please?


Recording from a bus to a track is Cubase Pro feature only.

But you can Solo the track and Export Audio Mixdown, where you can enable to import the newly created file back to the project.

I’m not sure how that would work. I have an Audio track. I insert the Instalooper plugin on it. How do I then create a new track on which the plugin’s output is recorded as I listen to the original audio and create short loops from it?


Sorry, I don’t know the plug-in.

As I mentioned, in Cubase Pro (only), you can set the track’s output as an input at other track (if they are not sharing the same output). THis way, you can re-record a signal from one track (bus) to other one.