recording the output of one track to another

I’m trying to do an Ableton Style “resampling”. I have Reaktor Sinebeats that I want to mess with in real time and just record the output of the channel to a new track to slice and manipulate later. I can’t seem to figure out how to set the output of the Reaktor track to a bus and set the input of my ‘print’ track to said bus.

It’s probably way simpler than I think and i’m obviously missing something but any help would be appreciated as I try to figure it out.

ok just figured out. Have to create and FX channel in the mixconsole, kill the stereo out, and it will act as an internal bus within the program, and set the ins and outs on the other tracks to that FX bus, which I renamed ‘print bus’, accordingly.

All programs are different. Cubase newb status here.

I do what I think your trying to do a lot.

What I do is create a new Bus in the VST Connections - Outputs section. I DO NOT connect the bus to any device port.
Lets call this new Bus TEST for the time being.
Next I go to the original track and set its output to TEST.
I go to the 2nd track where I want to have the input from the original track.
I set the input on the 2nd track to the output called TEST.

Should work.

If not, then try this as it happens to me from time to time.
Press the SOLO and MUTE buttons on both tracks as in my case they can get stuck or something and simply cycling them fixes em up and the sound/signal will then flow.

Hope that helps!