recording to many tracks

I’m using Q-5 I started getting a message after about 10 seconds that I’m recording too many tracks and it stops recording. I’m using a Yamaha n12. I’ve been using the same setup for many years I’m only recording 7-8 tracks. Any idea how to fix this problem.

What’s Q-5?

Exact quote of message or screen shot, please!

What’s this “it” which stops recording?

Hmmm … how about reverting back to the configuration you have been using for many years?

For us here (who would try to help you) it might help if you could tell us what happened in your setup between the time it did recording just fine and the moment it stopped to do it.

Maybe the drive has become very fragmented over time.

Yes it is q base 5 this setup is the only one I have used I have a template set up that I use for new recordings
It just started crashing with the message that I’m trying to record to many tracks

As Jaslan suggested: maybe a fragmented hard drive. Have you defragmented your drive lately?
And as Steve noted: maybe something strange going on with ASIO driver settings. Have you checked those?


Thank you, Defragmenting know, see what happens

Thanks everyone that did the trick I’m back in business