recording to multiple hard drives

Hi, I know its a long shot but I need to ask.I had a session recording drums at 88.2khz 24bit.After several takes cubase had a hard time playing back audio and recording at the same time.I checked by pressing f12 -i think- and there were a lot of spikes concerning my hard drive.I have 5 different hds it possible for cubase to record and playback audio to and from different hds at the same time?
any help would be appreciated.
ps don’t start with why recording at 88.2 and all’s along talk :smiley:

Yes you can record to more than 1 drive at a time, but you have to set this up 1 track at a time.
select the track you want to change, right click, select “Set Record Folder”, find or create the path/folder you want that track to record into.

Any track in the project that you do not set manually will record into the audio folder where the project lives.

NOTE: if you bounce the new file will go to the main project drive/folder not the drive the tracks audio is set to.
It may be the same for “Export Audio Mixdown” by I do not know for sure (haven’t tested it).