Recording track automation of vsti?

Here is a tricky situation:

  1. A VST instrument is driven by a plug-in that generate a CC message.
  2. This message moves the Filter knob on the VST instrument.
  3. While this Filter knob is moving (driven by the cc plug-in), I’d like to record the movement as standard automation track (not midi automation).
  4. Click the Write button on the VSTi and start Recording. The Filter knob is moved, however not recorded.
  5. But…when I manually move the filter button, it instantly writes the automation track.

In MIDI > CC Automation setup the Record Destination is Automation Track.

My question: In the scenario above is this possible to record the movement of the filter knob driven by a cc-generator plug-in?

Or can the write automation be used only for manual movement of parameters?