Recording track output and delay compensation ????

So i would like to know one thing . I know that the best way to add external fx is to use external fx in the vst connections meny and use the delay compensation feature given to this application . But this would mean that i have to have to have one external unit for every track i want to process so lets say i want to use outboard compressor for vox , bass , snare , kick - that means i need to have 4 x hardware compressors .

I only have one hardware compressor that i would like to use several times . Thats why i decided that i will record the signal sent to the output (thru the compressor) .

Now my question is according to the second option ( recording output) . Is there anyway to compensate the delay caused by going in and out of the converters ?

I have quite low in and out latency and that is : 1,479ms and 2,813ms . The outboard equipment is only analog so no other converters will be involved in the signal chain .

As the delay compensation is based on the measured propagation delay of a real signal (ping) sent through the whole signal chain, the delay result should include the converter delay.

So i guess i should normally mesure the delay caused by going out and in again (via external fx function) and then i can just write the results in the track delay as negative delay (the one under the paning ) . Im quite new to all this so sorry if i say something stupid .

Hi there,

indeed you can use the track delay function if the converter uses a lower latency than
your ASIO device. Normaly you will only need to do this, if an additional D/A converter (connected with SPDIF/ AES/ ADAT to your ASIO device) has a lower latency than the ASIO driver/ device.

If you connect it with an analog ins/outs, you will not have to do this work-a-round, because the additional latency will be reported from the ASIO driver.

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I do this all the time. I’m not sure what the confusion is…

Cubase handles full IO compensation for hardware inserts.

Yes, you need 4 analog compressors to process 4 analog signals SIMULTANEOUSLY. But, to use the on four disparate tracks, you insert it…adjust…export audio mix down of the channel…import it back on top of the unprocessed (so you have access to both in whatever else you’re doing to the channel…take off the hardware insert and put it onto the next channel.

It’s how I’ve worked for ten years. Not really in Cubase, but mixing digital…using analog gear.

EDIT: Does the full in/out delay compensation for hardware inserts (automatic mesurement) work on windows 7 64bit system ? Im just asking because i think i have read somewhere that it doesnt

and thanks for all the help from everyone .

Hi there,

sure it works on win 7 64-Bit as well as on Win7 32-Bit.
Never heard from any user about a 64-Bit issue with external equipment.